Oh no no eau!

Those of you who are familiar with the canal just down the road from us may have looked at the photos in the, “Brrrr… The Coldest Winter…” post earlier this month and thought, “That’s weird, I remember the water level being much higher than that.” Well, if you did, you were correct, it is usually about half a metre below the bank, like this….

However, in January, the canal company began to drain it in preparation for repairs, and they got part of the way through the process when we had the big freeze. That’s why it looks the way it does in the “Brrr…” post.

Now the freeze is pretty much over and so they’ve finished the draining. Jill and I went for bike ride along there today and thought you might like to see what it looked like.

I've never stood in a canal before
Click to see a larger version

And this is the reason – repairs to the lock gates at Jeanserre, just up the road:

Bit of a noisy time for the lock-keeper
Click to see a larger version

The problem is, someone forgot to tell this boat owner!

Dad, wake up! Someone's pulled the plug out!
Click to see a larger version


3 thoughts on “Oh no no eau!

    • That’s no Photoshop trick, David!

      It was amazing, the boat was just held there by the two ropes that the owner had moored it with before he went off and left it for the winter. The tension on them was so great that they’d ‘cheese-cuttered’ right down into the soil on the bank and then become overgrown.

      • A good time to get the metal detector out and check around the bridges etc for ‘discarded’ effects!

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