Yet more crazy weather!

But now it’s heatwave and storms!

This last week (10th-17th March) we’ve been having record temperatures (up as high as 26C), and then today, just before sunset, a most unusual and massive storm approached us from the south-west. Here you can see it approaching ‘chez-nous’ from beyond the Canal Latéral.

Storm approaching from the southwest

Click on the image to see a larger version

Once it hit us, we had continuous thunder for some ten minutes. And by ‘continuous’ we mean exactly that, there was not a single break between thunder claps. It was amazing, and something that neither Jill nor I have ever experienced.

Below is a picture of the hail taken in the car park after the absolutely torrential rain had stopped. If I’d been stupid enough to go out there as it was falling, I doubt you’d have been able to see the gravel  🙂

Click on the image to see a larger version

But we’re not complaining; we needed that water. The last moisture we had was from the snowfall back in early February!


3 thoughts on “Yet more crazy weather!

  1. Hi Pete & Jill
    That looks pretty scary, clouds look like a whirlwind forming. Do you have a barograph?
    Was there a lot of lightning? Amazing colours. Back to your early days of clouds! How much rainfall did you have?
    Any higher res pics?
    Any reports of crop damage?
    Hope Holly was ok..Pleased to hear you are all ok.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Jill & David

    • So many questions! So little time! 😉
      It was a bizarre storm, David. No ‘sheet’ lightning and just the occasional cloud-ground lightning bolts, yet the thunder was non-stop. The wind force was strong, but not that great (we’ve experienced a lot worse), but when it hailed and rained visibility was just about twenty metres. I was so fascinated by the sight I didn’t think to check the barometer. The sky looked like it was boiling.

  2. Hello Pete and Jill,
    I am enjoying the little snips of information from you about life in France, this one looks scary!
    One to add to your library of clouds Pete.
    The weather is certainly very odd lately, we have water shortages here, summer comes one day and the next we are back in winter but not a lot of rain.
    Take care

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