Photoshop CS6 beta available for free download

A model of Saint Jean de Luz 😉
Click to see a larger version

This past week, I’ve been taking a look at Adobe’s new version of Photoshop (unsurprisingly called CS6) which is available in beta version for public trial. If you are a Photoshop user and want to take a look and try it out too, you can download and install this beta version to your PC or MAC. It will install into a separate folder and sit side-by-side with your existing Photoshop software (i.e. it doesn’t over-write anything)

A list of the improvements over CS5 and a description of the features can be found here. There are also a myriad similar sites – just Google “CS6 beta” !!

The new feature I used for the above image can be found in with the blur filters and is called ‘Tilt Shift’. Is that worth an upgrade? I don’t think so – two images and the novelty wears off, get twenty photographers at it and it’s a cliché already. There are, of course, a whole ruck of other changes, some major and some minor, however, none of them, in my humble opinion, warrants a ‘must have’ upgrade for the average photographer or digital artist. And, as always, if you only want to edit photographs, Photoshop Elements is a much cheaper option.

If you want to try it for yourself, the software can be downloaded from Adobe at no cost for a limited period. Note that users must sign in with an Adobe ID in order to get the software, but if you don’t already have one, doing this is free and relatively painless.


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