Fun in the sun – three weeks early. A taste of things to come!

Jill tries to get out of the way of a photo opportunity
Click for larger view

Normally, we’d expect to open our swimming pool in the middle of April. Jill’s parents normally arrive around then for a couple of weeks holiday and her dad always gives us a hand to get the pool ‘de-wintered’ whilst he’s here. It’s become a bit of a ritual over the years.

This year, however, the weather in March has been so warm (and the pressure from Jill so great 🙂 )  that we enlisted the help of some friends and opened the pool on 24th March. Surprisingly, the water was crystal clear and so, thanks to the fabulous sunshine and the pool heater we installed a couple of years ago, it took just a few days preparation and was in use well before the month’s end. It’s amazing to think that less than six weeks earlier the pool had six centimetres of ice on it!

So, now it’s April 1st and we already have a great taste of the summer to come. We’re so looking forward to seeing all our guests, both new faces, as well as some we know well (one of whom is coming for his fourth holiday here!)


3 thoughts on “Fun in the sun – three weeks early. A taste of things to come!

  1. How the other half live! We are enjoying the sunshine at the moment ,but the forecast is for colder weather later in the week. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.
    Great picture, you’ll have to show me how its done!!
    Looking forward to July
    Cheers David & Jill

  2. Who is this person who you have allowed to come 4 times? Is he coming under duress? Is he paying the full fee or have you any other enticements?
    Seriously though, I am having a great time in Sussex being wined and dined and we are taking some photographs remembering to expose for the highlights! Very dramatic sea scenes today.
    Will miss you this year.

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