New Photo Opportunity

Out and about earlier this year visiting vide-greniers, we happened upon an exciting new photo opportunity and, last week, Pete had the chance to try it out with guests for the first time.

The location is an ancient flour mill with a very unusual horizontal water-wheel (unusual to anyone who is not Scandinavian or southern European, that is). Not only that, but at the back of the mill, in the same building, is a traditional blacksmith’s forge. The mill, last used during the German occupation of WWII, has now been restored to working order by a voluntary association and the forge is operated as a hobby by a retired local resident. As a result there are no prescribed opening hours and both the mill and the forge open only when those responsible are available. Last week, however, everyone concerned was very accommodating when we telephoned ahead to ask if they could open up both the mill and the forge for us and, as a consequence, our guests spent a couple of challenging hours getting some great photos. As this trial visit was so successful, we will certainly try to include it in future photo-workshop schedules.

The mill wheel running at full speed

Monsieur Maltaverne at the forge

– and using the power hammer (note the date on it, and note the bellows at the back there!)


8 thoughts on “New Photo Opportunity

  1. Hi Pete & Jill
    Looking forward to this challenge! (No flash or tripods!!) You’ve captured the speed and power of the water mill. Is it more dramatic in B& W?
    Looking forward to our next visit.Cheers D & J

  2. No David, in the case of the water-wheel, B&W doesn’t work as well. You can’t see that algae, the timber beam, and the difference in the metals used in the wheel. So this is a good example of colour adding to the appeal of the image.

  3. That is something I would like to see and photograph so wish I was there even more so with the rain here. I will maybe rely on Bill so take a wallhanger of it!


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