One swallow doth not a summer make –

– but here in PPF’s garden, a whole family of them makes for a fabulous summer…

Late one evening, earlier this month, Jill and I spotted several young swallows lined up on the fence at the back of our swimming pool. We wondered what was going on.

Fledgling swallows line up patiently – click to see a larger version

And then ‘whoosh’! – suddenly, their mother swooped in across the pool and got them all excited, obviously in anticipation of dinner.

Mother is spotted – click to see a larger version

And then she started feeding them – on the wing!  Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful?!

Mother flies in and feeds them on the wing – click to see a larger version

We liked the expressions of the three who missed out on this run!


For the technically curious : the images were captured with an 80-400 Nikkor @ 400mm, Matrix metering, Manual mode, 1/400th sec @ f5.6,  ISO Auto (the actual ISO used by the camera for the three images was 1100, 900 and 1100 respectively)

By the way, this is posted ‘early’ as we’re on an ‘R&R’ holiday during August and so there’ll be no further Blog posts after this, until September 🙂


5 thoughts on “One swallow doth not a summer make –

  1. Fantastic, we also have a family with 5 babies in our potting shed at work, they were all having flying lessons around us on Friday so sadly they may have left us by tomorrow 😦
    Enjoy your break!
    All the best

  2. Hi Pete,
    Great shots. You obviously have very obliging swallows in France who allow you to go inside, get your gear, fit the 400mm zoom and still be there when you get back. In my experience I am usually greeted with “You have just missed them”!!
    Very impressed with the catch lights in all the eyes, how did you manage that? Any tips gratefully received!!!

    • Ah, well it was even better than that. I dashed in to get the camera, fitted the lens, dashed back out, crept up to the pool, fired off a burst of shots and thought, “Blimey this is shooting very fast (sounded like 8+ frames per second – in RAW!)” Then I checked and saw “NO CARD” – so, I had to dash back into the house and get a card – and when I returned the little darlings were still there!!

      As to the catch-lights, it was just the fact that the light was coming from the western sky – it was late evening so quite bright in catch-light terms, although not so bright in exposure terms, hence the relatively high ISOs

      Kind regards


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