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Woof woof everyone!

As Pete & Jill aren’t blogging until September (they’re enjoying their break) I thought I’d let you know that they took me to a classic car and bike show in Tonneins today. There was lots to sniff and loads of people to jump at (except I wasn’t allowed to do that ‘cos I was on a lead) and, all in all, it was great and a nice change from being left on my own at the house.

My favourite bit was where a Snoopy look-alike got to ride on a Harley:

Some dogs get all the luck!Ā  – Ā  (Click for a larger image)

Oh, I’ve been told to add some nerdy technical stuff which is: Shutter Priority – Matrix metering – 1/60th @ f22 – 200 ISO – 48mm. I hope somebody understands that, ‘cos I don’t.

I think Pete & Jill might go to Bordeaux for the day tomorrow as the weather is going to be good (yet again) so I’ll probably get dumped at one of their friends’ houses. I just hope it’s the one where my friends, Mitzi and Sadie, live, then we can catch up on some girly dog-talk (like there’s a new Alsation up in the village who looks really dishy šŸ˜‰

Oh well, thanks for reading my first Holly-Blog. If it’s appreciated, I might get to do another one some time.

All the best

Big wet licks to all



3 thoughts on “Holly’s Blog

  1. Great to see you took up my recommendation for your own blog Holly – Pete and Jill have been in charge for too long. Keep up the good work!

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