Lottie’s Blog + a Christmas Message


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Meow everyone, Lottie here – you know, that little cat that runs away every time you try to stroke her? The one that sits up on the first floor window sills and watches your comings and goings? Anyway, those of you who follow this page may recall that, in August, the big black, attention-seeking canine that lives with us here (unfortunately) was given the chance to post a message to you with her ‘Holly Blog’.   Well, now it’s my turn!

For some reason, towards the end of every year, Pete & Jill put up this big tree in the lounge for me to climb around in. Not only that, but they hang really interesting shiny things from it so that I can have a go at batting them around like a boxer’s punch-ball (sometimes even knocking them off the tree, which is great!). Oh, and they always put this ‘Handy Bendy Santa’ right up on the very top of it; for eight years I’ve tried to knock the stupid thing off its perch and this week I finally managed it!

So anyway, there I was up in the tree having a nice relaxing time when Pete & Jill asked me to pose for this Christmas greetings photo. I didn’t have much choice really, before I could even sign a model release and negotiate extra cat biscuits – Flash Bang Wallop! – it was all over and done!

OK, to be honest this is proving to be really difficult; it’s taken me ages to get this far  – my claws keep getting stuck between the keys – so I’m going to hand over to Pete & Jill neow  🙂


Thanks Lottie, great job and nice pose!  Well for our part, we just want to say that we both look back with fond memories of previous guests and of great times spent story-telling, joking, eating, drinking, swimming, relaxing and, of course, doing lots and lots of painting and photography in between!  We’re now looking forward very much to next season when we will have the pleasure of meeting some of you again and, of course, when we will have the opportunity to meet more new guests too. So, thank you all again for your interest in us and our little operation here in south-west France and, whether you’re reading this in a sunny Australia, Africa or South America or in a wintery Europe, USA or Canada….

We wish everyone
a Very Merry Christmas
a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Pete & Jill



6 thoughts on “Lottie’s Blog + a Christmas Message

  1. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you both. Still think about the great time I had at my very first painting course with Jill.

  2. Hello Lottie
    I too have a photo of you quite a close up! You will have to be quicker with those model release forms.
    Nice to hear that you have been given a new play station (even if they do take it away again) and that you have achieved your goal at last!! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you Jill and Pete, not forgetting all of the four legged friends and a Happy New Year.

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