Les Grues fly over Lagruere


Some of you who’ve been to holiday with us may recall our tales of the migrating cranes that pass over us twice each year – in November, flying southwest to Spain, and again in February, returning northeast to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and Russia.

Well, late this afternoon, we were cycling home after an outing with Holly when, just a hundred metres from the house, we heard a familiar sound coming from high above us. Looking up, this is the sight that met our gaze. Including a further flight following behind this one, we guessed there must have been well over a thousand birds in total. They fly very high and very fast.

It’s interesting because the French for ‘the crane’ is ‘la grue’ and we often wonder if the name of our village ‘Lagruere’ has anything to do with these birds. They do put down around 60 kms south of us on both journeys to beef themselves up for several weeks before and after their high altitude flight over the Pyrenees. Maybe back in the 12thC when the village was founded, they were using this area as a stopover? We must do some proper research!

For the photographers reading this, the image was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone – proving the adage that the best camera is the one you have with you  😉

Several years ago, we went with some friends to see them at the end of their February stay in France. This next image was captured in late February, late in the afternoon (not with a mobile phone!) :



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