A ‘Must See’ – and not just for photographers

Time lapse photography is the name given to the technique of taking a series of still photographs at pre-determined intervals and then displaying them in quick succession in a short movie sequence. It’s very interesting to do and anyone who has a tripod and a camera fitted with an intervalometer can do it. However, it often gets a bit clichéd – clouds scudding across the sky, plants opening from bud to full flower in the space of a couple of seconds, buildings under construction, and so on – but yesterday we came across this example, using photos taken by Dr. Don Pettit during his time spent on the International Space Station, which we found both awe-inspiring, beautiful and totally fascinating.

So when you have a spare 15 minutes, we recommend that you go and get a drink, then sit back and watch this video. And when you do, you’ll see that it’s not just of interest to photographers, it’s for everyone who appreciates incredible images and the beauty of the planet we live on.

Incidentally, if you pause the video around the 14:04 / 14:05 time mark, you can see Bordeaux, Toulouse, Paris and London all in the same frame as the ISS passes right over us at night. If we’d known what was going on, we’d have gone outside and switched on all our security lights  🙂

To watch the video full-screen (recommended), click the ‘Play’ arrow, then click on the four-pronged symbol between ‘HD’ and ‘Vimeo’


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