Le Tour de France comes to town!

July 25th 2014 sees le Tour de France passing within 2 km of us here at PPF.  In one day, covering 208 kms, Stage 19 brings the Tour up from the Pyrenees, passing through Nérac, Buzet, Saint Léger and Monheurt (the route previous PPFers will recall is the route we take back to ours from the famous ‘Pudding Trolley’ restaurant in Buzet 🙂 )

The whole entourage will then turn right at the end of our road to cross the Garonne at Tonneins, and then continue north to Bergerac (where they all hitch a ride to Paris for the finish!).


Finding a good vantage point is going to be difficult.  Still we can always launch our new drone!   😉

The following photo is provided by one of our regular photography guests, David Harrison, who was here last year for one of our advanced weeks, when this photo was taken as an exercise in ‘panning’. David didn’t know it at the time, but it was good practice as he’ll be here again on the day the Tour comes through!

The cyclist is our friend and ‘next door’ neighbour, Rowland Cockin


4 thoughts on “Le Tour de France comes to town!

  1. Exciting news! Lots of planning to do to find the right spot….
    We will be watching it in Leeds and around Cambridge ..not often we get that opportunity in England!
    I think the atmosphere in Buzet will be better though!

  2. etour.yorkshire.com/the-grand-départ-2014 very close to us Pete. The powers that be are expecting thousands to attend.

  3. Yep, it’s a double edged sword, Terry. It seems that, originally, it was scheduled to run through Marmande but the mayor didn’t want it; he said it would cost the town too much money.

  4. So sorry we’ll miss it. Last saw le tour when it came through Hampshire in 199something! Looking forward to meeting you on 31st May. Roger & Fiona

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