And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, we say farewell…….


We always hope for a decent sunset on the last evening of the last holiday of the year, and this year we weren’t disappointed. However, this time, instead of the usual ‘red sky at night’  looking to the west, we thought we’d show you a ‘last evening’ view of Tonneins, looking east from the bridge towards our special ‘Masterchef’ restaurant, Quai 36.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who chose to spend a week with us this year; we met many new and lovely people and, again, we were delighted to see many familiar friendly faces (who are obviously gluttons for punishment!)

And finally of course we’d like to thank those of you reading this who have already booked for 2015! We look forward to seeing you next year 🙂

Best wishes

Pete & Jill

If you haven’t already noticed, we now have a short video illustrating our lovely départment on the Home Page of our website. If you like it, please share it by clicking on the ‘paper aeroplane’.



3 thoughts on “And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, we say farewell…….

  1. Enjoy your well-earned rest, Pete & Jill. Fingers crossed we’ll be down to see you for holiday number 5 at some point. Best wishes, Shaun & Janet.

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