Eclipse? What Eclipse?

09:00 CET this morning, camera sitting on tripod out on the terrace, 400 mm lens attached, VR switched off, 12x neutral density filter in place,  camera in live view, remote at the ready, testing various shutter speed and aperture combinations, hoping to get some great time lapse shots of a fairly good ‘Super-Moon’ partial eclipse. Even this far south it should have been around 75% at its maximum, as per this graphic:

2015-03-20 11_10_53-Eclipses visible in Bordeaux, France - 20 Mar 2015 Solar Eclipse

And what did we see here in lovely southwest France?  Rien, nothing, nada 😦

This image was taken at 09:10 CET, just after I began testing, and it turned out to be the best sky we had! It just got worse and worse from this point on.


By 10:20, the time of the maximum eclipse, that thick cloud you see here was everywhere. Unbelievable! It was a beautiful day yesterday and it’s forecast beautiful again tomorrow. That’s Sod’s Law for you.

So, unless there’s some great advance in medical science pretty soon, I guess I’ll miss the 2090 one too (but it’ll probably be cloudy anyway).


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