The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men – Super-Moon Total Eclipse

DSC_2343-fbNikon D810 – 1 second @ f8  –  800 ISO  –  Nikon 80-400mm    –    Trees lit with LED torch

Firstly, this is one of only two successful shots of the totality that I achieved last night (at 03:30 CET to be precise). Living close to the Canal Latérale and the River Garonne, as we do, we get a lot of early morning mist at this time of year. As the eclipse developed, the temperature fell and the camera and tripod were really quite wet with condensation (although with the Nikon D810, that’s not an issue). However, I had terrible problems with the front element of the lens constantly fogging. And then, to cap it all, whilst I was wiping the moisture off the lens, I inadvertently moved the focus ring – I was using manual focus – and, of course, by that time, the image was so dim that refocusing was impossible.

Secondly, as many of you will know, we have a ruined 13thC church across the way from our house and I wanted to take the photo from behind that so that I could have the belfry as my out of focus ‘Earthbound anchor object’ (to give some context to the shot and to make it more unusual and interesting). However, the field behind the church was full of maize and I found that there was nowhere for me to set up the tripod that would give me a clear view of both the church and the moon. So, in the end I shot it from our lawn, using our poplar trees as my ‘Earthbound object’.

Ho hum.

Still, there’ll be another chance in 2033 🙂


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